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The Golden Years Subscription Plan : Monthly Cost

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The "Golden Years" Subscription plan provides the user and family the basic capabilities of the TATE Home Assistant Devices. All subscription plans require a 1 year contract with an early cancellation fee.

The following are features included in this plan:

- Single TATE Home Assistant Device support
- 1 User Access, 4 Family and/or Friend Member Access
- Date/Time Clock
- Daily, Weekly, Monthly Activity Reporting/Trends
- Nightly Sleep Quality Reporting
- Family status for Wake Up Detection, Sleep Detection, Normal Activity Detection
- Picture Frame operation
- Automatic Night Activity Light
- Privacy features and Protection
- On-line product support

Minimum Requirements: Operation and all functions require a quality home WiFi connection with a public Internet connection to each TATE Home Assistant device. Purchase of a TATE Home Assistant subscription plan is required to operate properly.

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