About Us

Tate Home Assistant is a product of STEP Fusion Solutions, a company that creates products and solutions for aging
seniors, including those with memory loss, that are simple to use and affordable for anyone who needs them.

THE PROBLEM: The latest technologies and current devices are almost all built with young adults
through middle-aged users in mind. Smartphones, tablets, and smart home systems are all relatively
complex, require significant skills to master, and change constantly. When you introduce memory
loss, the ability to use most technological devices only gets worse.

As people mature beyond middle age, it often becomes more difficult to master new technologies, and then seniors fall
behind. Instead of technology improving older adults’ lives, the complexity of products actually widen the quality of life
gap between young adults and older adults.

OUR SOLUTION: Tate Home Assistant seeks to eliminate the learning curve needed to use modern
devices and applications, which are now at the heart of communication and socialization.

Tate Home Assistant was developed by Maryland-based engineer Bruce DeShong as a way to improve the lives of people
experiencing memory loss. Bruce saw his mother suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease and pass away in 2012. Then his father
declined and faded away with dementia in 2014.

While his aging parents’ health was failing, Bruce became frustrated with how little could be done to help his parents as
they became unable to perform basic, everyday tasks. It also underscored the critical link between seniors’ ability to
communicate consistently with family and the peace of mind of everyone involved.

Bruce had spent years developing sophisticated communications and predictive artificial intelligence(AI) for military and
commercial use, completing projects for NASA, the U.S. Government, and the Boston traffic system. He experienced the
problem of senior monitoring and communication first-hand with his parents, and decided the time was right to apply
his skills in a new direction.

Device prototypes in the Tate Home Assistant lineup of products that help people with memory loss were developed in
2018 and introduced in 2020.