Home Care Professionals

Improve your home care services for senior clients with affordable, easy-to-use in-home monitoring and communication technology.

We know a home care provider’s resources are often limited.

Using a device placed in your client’s home and a secure web-based portal accessible to staff, you can:

  • Monitor and communicate with clients when nobody is in the home with them, to supplement your care.
  • Provide family members with an avenue to monitor and communicate with their loved one.
  • Improve your clients’ safety, independence, and social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.
  • Give family members peace of mind that their loved one’s needs are being managed.
  • Leverage technology without complicated programming and expensive IT costs.
  • Offer HIPPA audited privacy, with no information shared with
    third parties, no cameras, and no storage of audio responses.

Discover all the features
of the technological edge you need to improve
home care for seniors!

The STEP Assistant harnesses today’s technology to help home
care providers efficiently use their time, while supporting
high standards for quality senior care.

  • Increases communications with the client between visits,
    with no added effort or cost.
  • Allows staff to view client’s activity prior to arriving at the
    home, in order to provide the best care during the visit.
  • Provides staff and family with alerts when client’s activity
    is out of the ordinary.
  • Allows provider to evaluate client’s wellness between visits
    with screenings for COVID, pain, depression, etc.
  • Reinforces carryover of education provided during visits
    with reminders and messages.
  • Requires no programming or technical expertise to
    set-up and use.